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Arcomusical (Portuguese for “musical bow”) is a resource for new music for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau.

The berimbau is one member of the “musical bow” family of musical instruments found all over the world. Its closest relatives are found in Southern Africa, specifically Angola and Mozambique.

Arcomusical strives to develop a vibrant culture for creative berimbau playing, through solo and ensemble performance, research, transcription, and the composition and commission of new works for the berimbau in a variety of settings.

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The Arcomusical website has received a major update, in part thanks to a mentorship program at NIU with undergraduate student, Alexis Lamb. Check out Alexis’s new duo for berimbau, Descobertas por pau e pedra!

A huge shout out to my student, Alexis Lamb, who won first place in the NIU Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day!

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